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Yes, this is my full time job! I strive to make sure that each event is perfect each client is take care of and 

Zach Downing
Founder & Creative Director

About My Personal Entertainment Services - DJ/Emcee

Hi, I’m Zach and I hate boring parties.  Life is too short for a boring party. They are painful and people leave early.  You want your guests to stay and I want them to stay… dance …have fun and be social. I want them to say, “Wow, this is the best party we’ve ever been to.”

When I started doing this 18 years ago I didn’t know it would end up being a career. I feel very blessed that God gave me this talent and several years later I’m still loving it.  I have four amazing kids and would love to setup a time to talk!









About You

You’re a hip and trendy person that wants an amazing party.  You want to make sure it’s formal, but also that it’s FUN! You want your party filled with dancing and guests having a fantastic time. 


Everything I do down to the final details is to make your special day PERFECT!  I spend a lot of time getting to know you and your needs.


 A few things I need to know is what kind of party you are envisioning and how many guests you are planning on inviting.  These details help me plan the perfect experience that your guests will never forget. This is why its hard to answer "how much do you charge" if you are thinking that is what you should ask if you contact me. Its all about how much time I am going to spend with you and helping to make this event one of a kind, if you want cookie cutter, I am most likely not the right choice for you.



I have been doing this as a career for years and in that time, I've helped hundreds of parties reach their full potential. There are so many new trends and new ideas; today’s party isn’t the same as two years ago or even last year. Keeping up with what is happening around the country is another aspect I bring to the table. I find that having new ways to help people enjoy the night, leads to more dancing and fantastic memories.



When it comes to your party, my strength is the ability to read people and connect with them.  I’ve said that I’m a disc jockey(DJ) and a master of ceremonies(Emcee), but really I’m an entertainer and a motivator and idea giver.  If we want guests out of their chairs, then let’s give them a reason. Lets make it exciting and fun, but  leave the cheesy stuff out of it. (In my opinion)


If you’re wanting your party to be FUN and EXCITING then I’m sure we’ll be a great match.  The only way to know is for us to meet, invest some time and get to know me. I have a comfortable office where we can meet and chat and I’m usually available to answer your call.  Give me a ring or reply to this email and lets setup a time to talk.  If you’re thinking it might be too expensive to hire a professional like myself, wait until you hire an amateur.



The investment in my time, talent and experience normally starts around 995.00 for full service entertainment options, but I also have other alternatives as well I am happy to talk to you about. Depending on the details which we can only get by communication and a face to face meeting. Pricing should really be a secondary thought when it comes to amazing events, the exprience is what should be your first thought and I also want us to be a good fit for each other and your guests. 


Lets make your party the best it can be!!!



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